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Drifting Thru The Universe

he, she, they pronouns

Likes to write things for RWBY, and sometimes just random things from my brain.
May accept prompts if you have any.






I’m good at math. U + I = 69

Wait that would mean that I = 59 because U sure are a 10


No. U + I = 145 as the atomic number for Uranium is 92 and the atomic number for I is 53. Cause we got chemistry.

for god’s sake why all these people are so smooth omg

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Wrong camp asshole, this is The Rudest Colony. Get the fuck out you naked piece of shit.

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what was my life before lgbt books? seriously. my life and reading experience has improved by 100% since i started seeking lgbt books. i didn’t realise how much i needed them until i got them. support lgbt authors and books, you guys. there’s so many of them. but people look at YA and think the only books you get are about straight white people. but that’s not true at all. books with diverse characters are there. they just need more support and exposure so they can reach more people.

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And people tell me the fandom is safe to be in. 

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You’re the only one being an asshole here, and you have no respect for other people’s boundaries after they repeatedly tell you to leave them alone.

the fandom used to be safe until people like you started flocking to it. like, seriously dude, whats so hard about staying the fuck away from someone.

What’s so strange to me is that, if this were happening IRL, if he acted like this there would be real, serious repercussions. But, because he’s online, he’s like “nope I can behave like an asshole with no regard for people’s wishes because I feel I’m better by pretending to take the high ground’. If you continue to go near someone who’s asked you to leave them alone, even via their art, you’re an asshole and you’re harassing them. Simple as that.

You know I used to prefer keeping quiet and not bothering with drama involving you, Stoaway, because I had no personal beef with you and you were at least civil with me…

But the more you do this shit the more you show me that all those times I gave you the benefit of the doubt were all bullshit.

You’re manipulative and have no respect for people’s wishes. You play the victim in your own pit of dredged up hate and wallow in it proudly while expecting people to side with you. Then you pretend to take the moral high ground when shit starts hitting the fan.

This is the same thing that happened between you and that Weiss blog. Instead of respecting them and doing as they had asked to avoid any unnecessary drama what do you do?

You do shit like this.

You escalate the whole situation to new heights provoking the opposite side while maintaining the image that you’re in the right.

You still wonder why you’re infamous? THIS is why.


this happens to me very often

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I love this request! It’s fun to draw goofy comic sometimes XD

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These Star Wars drawings of mine have been around for a while… I’ve seen them re-posted SO MANY TIMES, uncredited, misinterpreted… but as owner I’ve never really made a post with all of them, so here it is.
And, once and for all: these were made for fun and for having a good laugh in imagining Anakin and Padmé dealing with little Luke and Leia.

I’d never want to change the canon, honestly.
But hey, having fun is good. For the record, most of these were made almost two years ago in about a hour or so during my breaks between a hell of a job I was doing back then.
So, nasty part of the Star Wars fandom, please stop being so damn serious about it! Thank you :)

With that being said, thank you very much to all of the people who enjoyed these on Deviantart, or reblogged the uncredited posts with putting a link to the original ones and stuff. Thank you!! :)

Hope you enjoy these oldies! :D

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ahhh i can’t do anymore of the asks tonight because i’m really pooped ahh so have some doodles I did a couple of days ago~

read the caps for story c:

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this is how a canadian says words

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I just can get over this.


I just can get over this.

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Q: I just read that stupid "I want bisexual Weiss but the RWBY boys are lame post" and I can't fucking believe FNDM. Goddammit, they were bitching about Jaune not leaving Weiss alone, but now he backs off, they accuse him and Neptune of treating her like a possession? And what the hell did Sun and Adam do get on their shit list? Look FNDM misandrists, I'm sorry no guy wants to go out with you, but stop projecting your views on guys unto fictional characters. It's pathetic.


Fucking seriously. 

I’m going to get in trouble for this because I might not articulate this well enough, but dammit the FNDM’s pissing me off too much to just leave this unaddressed. (and also so that it doesn’t get pushed to page 2 in my inbox and I just forget about it)

You can complain about Jaune hogging the spotlight all you want and you’ll have some amount of merit. (even as somebody who likes Jaune, the title characters need development far more than him.)

But this whole mess with him and Weiss, why the fuck is everyone Demonizing Jaune but ignoring how Weiss isn’t exactly making things better? And how this whole thing probably wouldn’t have even happened if Pyrrha took her own goddamn advice and spit it out to him at the start?

From Jaune’s perspective: He genuinely has feelings for her. But he can’t express them properly or get a word in edgewise without spaghetti flying out of his pockets (or for those of you who don’t speak 4chan, being ridiculously socially awkward). He keeps fucking up, and as a result, he feels that if he could at least properly say what he wants to, he could at least have a shot with her.

This isn’t an issue of male entitlement or “I DESERVE to be in a relationship with Weiss because I say so”. For fuck’s sake the scene where he backed off when he saw her ask out somebody else should’ve been proof enough of that.

Sure you can say it’s dumb he can’t take a hint, but it’s not like it’s horribly out of character for him to make dumb decisions based on his own feelings of inadequacy. (See: how he lied his way into combat school despite not even knowing basic the metaphysics of the setting because he wanted to be worthy of his family name.)

Is it justified? Not really.

But my God, If half the shit Tumblr said about Jaune were true, we’d be seeing scenes of him sniffing her used panties or going through her trash for hair to put on his used-chewing gum-Weiss shrine, Helga Pataki style


…Okay I could’ve sworn she had bits of his hair for her shrine, but whatever you get my point.

From Weiss’ perspective: Most of the boys who ask her out only do so because she’s rich/(in)famous, and she assumes Jaune’s no different. We know Jaune does not have that as his motivation, but she does not. 

Jaune may not be able to express how he feels properly, but Weiss’ quickness to shoot him down doesn’t help his “she won’t listen to me” mindset.

Yes Weiss has every right to turn him down, but it’d be a lot more helpful if she would communicate with him a bit more and just flat-out say you’re making me uncomfortable, please stop.” (she always seemed to have expressions closer to “ugh this guy’s annoying” than “ew, this guy’s creepy” to me, but I guess that doesn’t really matter.)

Because AGAIN, if he has enough sense to back down watching her ask out Neptune, odds are he’d comply with her telling him that she’s not interested in the most blunt and unavoidable way possible. As opposed to mainly slamming doors in his face.

And speaking of Neptune, how sheltered do you have to be to think that a statement meaning “I don’t wish to court this woman anymore, and I think I understand that you do. So allow me to disengage with romantic gestures towards this woman so that things are not complicated between you and I”

somehow means


Like say what you will about Neptune turning her down because he was scared of dancing (because that IS kinda douchey, shooting someone down because of your own self-image and apparently not bothering to tell them why), but how the fuck do you hear a goddamn figure of speech and come to the conclusion that he’s giving her away like some object?

You’d think the FNDM would appreciate that a bit more considering if Neptune and Jaune didn’t come to an agreement with Weiss, we’d have more love triangle bullshit because they’d be busy tearing at each other’s throats.

something that last I checked, was something that we were near-unanimously against.

At any rate, I’m just glad that not only did Pyrrha finally confront him about the matter of her pedestal syndrome (even if she didn’t flat-out say “I want to bone you”), and Jaune had enough sense to not only get the gist of it, but to keep his promise and dance with her too.

Definitely a step in the right direction. 

I hope things continue to go this way, not only as an Arkos shipper, but so that we can wrap this up ASAP if for no other reason than to give the FNDM its sanity back.

Now we just need the Queer characters to show up and maybe the FNDM can go back to being fun again.

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